Thank you for choosing us as your professional career consultants for your career
needs, and grants management advisor.  An investment in your career should be a
top priority (next to your home investment) as the amount of money you make
will determine how much of a retirement is received in the end.  We've helped
thousands of job seekers get into the workforce, and provide them with the 'soft
skills' needed for job retention.

Whether you've made $20K or $200K plus, our former clients' job titles range
from Truck Drivers to CEO's.  With WRITE ON TARGET, a brighter future is just

Our resumes are the only resumes that are HIGHLY sought after with clients in
the U.S., Afghanistan, London, Japan, and Argentina. We are the official career
writers for LinkedIn.

We have been hugely successful in helping individuals who are:

  •  Unemployed
  •  Underemployed
  •  Military Veteran
  •  Employed and seeking a career change
  •  Employed and seeking upward mobility
  •  College Student/College Graduate
  •  Terminated or Laid Off
  •  Unemployed and Over 40
  •  Unemployed low-income Senior-citizen

In addition, we provide Technical Assistance and Grants Management to
Colleges/Universities and Nonprofit Organizations that receive State and Federal

We support organizations undergoing corporate change through innovative and
effective internal controls, and build strong client relationships as a trusted

Get on track.  Call us today!

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